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Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Docking Station

The microsoft surface pro 6 docking station features an durable and sturdy design with an octopus-like design that makes it easy to one-hand. It also features an adjustableaires angle of incidence that allows you to use it as a anti-odored forceps. The surface also features a users manual, a host of ports, and an included power adaptor.

Surface Docking Station 1664

The surface dock is the perfect addition to your computing equipment. It helps you to keep your device in good condition and keeps it stable. The surface dock is also able to charge your device.

Docking Station For Surface Pro 6

This docking station for the microsoft surface pro 6 is perfect for using your device without having to connect you to the computer. It features 1661 docking station technology which allows you to charge your device and access your content without having to worry about cords. The docking station is also built using high-quality materials and it comes with a power supply for easy usage. the microsoft surface pro 6 docking station dual monitor setup is a great way to have two monitors at your fingertips, and you can use it with or without a computer. The dock model has two screen slots, and both your computer and your other monitor can be fully extended. The dock model also includes a ac adapter for use with computers. this docking station is for the surface pro 43 surface book 15v 6a 90w. It has a 1661docking station for laptop users and is compatible with the surface book 15v 6a 90w. It has 6 a 90w billowing power and is fully charged in 2 hours. The surface pro 43 surface book 15v 6a 90w is a new model with a 6a 90watt power brick. It includes all the features of the prior microsoft surface pro 4 docking station, including a fast forward and reverse button, making it easy to navigate. The new port also includes a built-in camera, so you can take pictures and videos while your device is in dock.