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Lenovo T480 Docking Station

Looking for a docking station for your lenovo thinkpad? look no further than the lenovo t480 docking station! This station includes a 1pc, which is a usb type-c x1 x390 t480 t490 docking station 40as. With excellent type-c connectivity, this docking station is perfect for using connect your thinkpads from other devices. Plus, with the included 40as connector, this station can handle even the most strenuous tasks. So there's no need to worry about missing out on any of your work.

T480 Docking Station

The t480 docking station is a great addition to your music career! It gives you the ability to connect your computer with your phone to create new tracks, or music albums, with t480's optional voice-ops. And, it has a included microphone to make calls, or record voice conversations. The t480 is also available in a variety of colors, such as blue and purple.

Thinkpad T480 Docking Station

This thinkpad docking station enables you to dock to another computer up to 6 devices simultaneously. Theakening of the t480s and t580 platforms brings docking with modern apps and tools closer to your hands. The thinkpad docking station supports bothooting and duplexing of devices, making it the perfect spot for data and time collection. The 135w ac power brick is specially designed to abstract the most noise and heat away from the computer, and it comes with an adjustable screen saver theme. this docking station is for the lenovo thinkpad t480 t480s t5. It features 45w usb-c charger and is ac-powered. It can charge the thinkpad t480, t480s, t5, and other laptops with usb-c port. The docking station can be used with the lenovo thinkpad t480, t480s, t5, and other laptops. the t480s is a docking station for thinkpads that allows the use of the company's type-c usb standard. It has a very small, thin and fast port for connecting other thinkpads to power on. The t480s also supports the updikeal plug and features a 3. 3 mm audio codec for audio over type-cusb. the lenovo 40aj ultra docking station is the perfect solution for using a 40aj electric keyboard and mouse together. It provides 40aj compatibility with over p52s, t580, t480, t480s, t490s, and ac includes with the 40aj0us. The docking station also includes a 575w power supply for added stability.